Best Running Shoes for Underpronators

Underpronation happens when a person’s feet fails in giving the necessary inward roll when it touches the ground. This makes the outer part of the heel to make the impact, this distributes most of the weight of your body to the smaller toes towards the end of your step. Pronation is a very capable problem because it gives the big toe a disability and it is unable to work as it is expected to and the smaller toe has to do all the hard work.

People who underpronate during their running definitely are in need of special running shoes. If you choose a good running shoe, it will definitely be the underpronation and the people whose feet roll outwards when striking the ground. Underpronators need proper shoes and proper cushioning on their bodies because they are highly prone to injury. Neutral shoes should be opted and motion control shoes should be avoided.

Running Shoes for Underpronators

Types of running shoes for underpronators

  1. Motion control running shoes- these are designed with an overpronator and are very much suitable for heavy runners. These shoes are very effective and offer motion control in order to prevent pronation of the foot. They are very durable. They are designed from a long lasting rubber and feature a medial post to control the rear foot movement.
  2. Stability shoes- these shoes are specially designed for the overpronators but are not suitable for the runner with normal arches. They have a very comfortable cushioning and tend to feature a medial post in order to control the rear foot motion. This helps in prevention of pronation of the foot.
  3. Cushioned running shoes or neutral running shoes- these are one of the lightest weighted and flexible shoes that can be bought. This shoe can vary between manufactures and from one model to another. There is always a possibility that a shoe, which is very good in one version, may have some defects when the early update is done. It is recommended to always try the shoes out before buying them. These are the best choice for the underpronators.

Features of underpronation shoes

If you have underpronation, you should always avoid any shoes with a medial post. The medial post is a support device that is inserted in to heal of the shoe so that it provides great rear foot control and helps in motion control.

Flexibility is essential aspect of a running shoe as it helps to maximize the inward movement of the foot, so that it promotes the natural pronation. Always look for a soft midsole and always avoid for a midsole with dual density as this helps in reinforcement on the inside edge and this helps in controlling of pronation.

You should look out for the shoe, which are given in the cushioning category and always look for shoes, which are contrasted from a curved last or semi curved last as these are the qualities of the best shoes, which are specially designed for the underpronators. There is a wide range of shoes for underpronators in the market.